Marilyn Ross Samuel's first book, From Crack to Christ is an amazing and compelling story about the life of her husband, Don and his battle with illegal drugs, alcohol and women. A Holy Spirit inspired assignment, Marilyn makes known the undesirable circumstances, misfortunes and calamities of his unbridled, sexual, and promiscuous lifestyle. His story chronicles undeniable evidence of a generational curse operating in his family's descent, from his fore fathers to him. 

Don, a Houston, Texas radio air personality, discovered satan's ploy when he gave his life to Christ and alleged the curse was broken with him. 

This gripping heart wrenching story holds nothing back in exposing the entire, incredible story of his rise to fame, his struggles in life, his weaknesses and strengths, his faith in God and everything else that makes him one of Houston, Texas's most gigantic and stirring air personalities.

If you are experiencing a drug, alcohol, or any other challenge or know someone who is, this book is a must read.

Marilyn received her B.S. degree in Elementary Education from Texas A & M University in College, Station Texas.   She is a classroom teacher of thirty-three years and her experiences have been with students from Kindergarten through eighth grades. She has a love for children and believes they are arrows in her hand and she commits to pointing them in the right direction.  Marilyn acknowledges them as being our most precious resource and feels quality time should be invested in our children to make tomorrow a better place so they will not have to be delivered from Crack to Christ.

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